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Like many people, I was torn to hear about the tragic news of the 4 female students that were killed in a car accident last night. I immediately thought about my sister, Amanda Ross, who is a student at the University of Georgia and, who, like myself, is a 4th generation Bulldog. I was relieved to learn she was okay this morning. News began to spread quickly over social media throughout the day of the tragic accident and the victims names were released. Hallie, Brittany, Christina, and Kayla.

As this is indeed a devastating tragedy, I think my sister said it best when she posted the following on her Facebook page this afternoon:

“As I read an email sent out from a class professor this morning, tears started to form in my eyes. Two of the four UGA girls that were killed in the car wreck were in my 9:05 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tomorrow morning we were supposed to take our 3rd test until the professor emailed everyone today saying that the test would be cancelled due to the tragedy and grief that everyone is going through right now, and due to the cancellation everyone in the class would receive a perfect 100 on the test. “Maybe in some strange way, you can think of this as Brittany and Kayla giving you this gift” are the exact words that my professor used in her email; and the realization of the tragedy didn’t sink in with me until then.

And then I started to realize a parallel between the car wreck, the words of my professor, and Christ. Because of Kayla and Brittney I received a perfect 100 on a test. Because of Jesus becoming a gift to mankind who sacrificed himself, I received perfect love and redemption from Christ.

The point of this is not to claim that Brittney and Kayla died so that I could personally gain something from their tragedy, but rather to claim that God is going to use their story to influence many lives in and outside of campus. I did not know these girls personally, but the fact that I have gained something from their death just like I did with Jesus moves me to tears beyond words. Please keep these girls’ families and friends in your prayers as well as UGA campus. Everyone here is affected somehow and in some way.

And also, if you happen see your parent, sibling, and/or close friends today please don’t be afraid to tell them how much you love them. Let us all be a little more grateful for one more day on this earth.”

This post exemplifies the power of social media as it touched many. As of 7:00P.M., she had over 120 likes and over 20 shares.

Later this afternoon I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and saw this picture below and immediately recognized someone.


Amanda (center) reaches out to her friend during a prayer ceremony on campus. Photo Credit: Red & Black.

Amanda said that she was attending a prayer ceremony with her friend at Tate Center on campus. You can read the original story here:

I believe that God is using Amanda for this special reason to give comfort and strength to those that are affected by this tragedy. I have no doubt that it’s not her but Christ through her.

Please pray for the families and friends that are involved. This event is a clear reminder of how important life and family are to a community and especially in my own life.

UPDATE (11:46A.M- 4/29): Amanda’s Facebook post as last count had over 130 likes and over 60 shares.



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  • Kent Cook

    Very well said Adam and Amanda

    • Adam Ross

      Thanks Kent!

  • Linda Castellaw

    In a day where everything is trying to silence Christianity, I applaud you. Even though most of us will not understand this tragedy, God will touch many, many lives through this. I think of Paul and Silas being beaten, thrown in jail, only to result in lives being saved. Heaven is rejoicing and their lives will live on through each one of us as we take this opportunity to bring others to Christ. Thank you!!

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